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In the Mouth of the Whale

Gollancz ISBN 978-0575100732, £18.99.

Published January 19th 2012.


Gardens of the Sun

Gollancz ISBN 978-0575084483, £7.99.

The Quiet War is over. The city states of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn have fallen to the Three Powers Alliance of Greater Brazil, the European Union and the Pacific Community. A century of enlightenment, rational utopianism and exploration of new ways of being human has fallen dark. Outers are herded into prison camps and forced to collaborate in the systematic plundering of their great archives of scientific and technical knowledge, while Earth's forces loot their cities, settlements and ships, and plan a final solution to the 'Outer problem'. But Earth's victory is fragile, and riven by vicious internal politics. While seeking out and trying to anatomise the strange gardens abandoned in place by Avernus, the Outers' greatest genius, the gene wizard Sri Hong-Owen is embroiled in the plots and counterplots of the family that employs her. The diplomat Loc Ifrahim soon discovers that profiting from victory isn't as easy as he thought. And in Greater Brazil, the Outers' democratic traditions have infected a population eager to escape the tyranny of the great families who rule them. After a conflict fought to contain the expansionist, posthuman ambitions of the Outers, the future is as uncertain as ever. Only one thing is clear. No one can escape the consequences of war - especially the victors.



The Quiet War

Gollancz ISBN 978-0575083554, £7.99.

Twenty-third century Earth, ravaged by climate change, looks backwards to the holy ideal of a pre-industrial Eden. Political power has been grabbed by a few powerful families and their green saints. Millions of people are imprisoned in teeming cities; millions more labour on Pharaonic projects to rebuild ruined ecosystems. On the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, the Outers, descendants of refugees from Earth's repressive regimes, have constructed a wild variety of self-sufficient cities and settlements: scientific utopias crammed with exuberant creations of the genetic arts; the last outposts of every kind of democratic tradition. The fragile detente between the Outer cities and the dynasties of Earth is threatened by the ambitions of the rising generation of Outers, who want to break free of their cosy, inward-looking pocket paradises, colonise the rest of the Solar System, and drive human evolution in a hundred new directions. On Earth, many demand pre-emptive action against the Outers before it's too late; others want to exploit the talents of their scientists and gene wizards. Amid campaigns for peace and reconciliation, political machinations, crude displays of military might, and espionage by cunningly wrought agents, the two branches of humanity edge towards war . . .



Cowboy Angels

Gollancz ISBN 978-0-7432-7618-4, £7.99.

America, 1984 - not our version of America, but an America that calls itself the Real, an America in which the invention of Turing Gates has allowed it access to sheaves of alternate histories. For ten years, in the name of democracy, the Real has been waging clandestine wars and fomenting revolution, freeing versions of America from communist or fascist rule, and extending its influence across a wide variety of alternate realities. But the human and political costs have proven too high, and new President Jimmy Carter has called an end to war, and is bringing troops and secret agents home. Adam Stone is called out of retirement when his former comrade, Tom Waverly, begins to murder different versions of the same person, mathematician Eileen Barrie. Aided by Waverly's daughter, Linda, Adam hunts for his old friend across different sheaves, but when they finally catch up with Waverly, they discover that they have stumbled into the middle of an audicious conspiracy that plans to exploite a new property of the Turing Gates: it will change not only the history of the Real, but that of every other sheaf, including our own.



Simon&Schuster ISBN 978-1416511403, £6.99.

A teenage girl found naked and fatally injured in mountain forest two hundred miles from her home. The mutilated corpse of a young man in the Nevada desert, his heart and eyes removed. The post-apocalyptic world of a role-playing computer game - and the murderous spree of a psychopathic killer driven by delusions of syperhuman supremacy. And rookie detective Summer Ziegler, pitched headlong into her first major case. But even as she tries to unpick the killer's twisted logic, he lures her into a cat-and-mouse game with a spectacular climax of his own devising . . .


Mind's Eye

Pocket Books ISBN 07434-6158-4, £6.99.

A strange piece of graffiti daubed on the window of a north London restaurant is the catalyst that propels Alfie Flowers into an intriguing mystery involving the mysterious Nomads' Club, the rituals of a lost tribe, a series of spectacularly gruesome murders, and a secret history of espionage and mind-altering patterns - glyphs - connected with the disappearance of his father some twenty years before. As Alfie is to discover, the source of the glyphs is hidden amidst the chaos of post-war Iraq. There, deep inside an ancient network of caves, lie powerful secrets sought by people with sinister and dangerous motives. People who are determined to prevent Alfie and the Nomads' Club from interfering with their plans. Whatever it takes.


White Devils

Pocket Books ISBN 07434-6157-6, £6.99.

Nicholas Hyde, a volunteer charity worker in Africa, is part of a team which is ambushed by small, ape-like creatures - pale, fierce and preternaturally strong - who slaughter most of the group in a matter of minutes. 'Diable blanc' the team's government observer calls them - 'white devils' - but after the rescue he falls in with the official story and claims instead he saw only rebel troops in body paint. The cover-up seems to originate from Obligate, the company that effectively owns the Congo. Shell-shocked and angry, Nicholas refuses to cooperate. He knows what he saw, and he will tell the truth. And that's when people around him start to die. On his quest to find out the truth, NIck journeys into the heart of darkness of C21st century Africa - the Dead Zone. There, he will discover a reality almost too horrifying to contemplate.

Also available in the United States from Tor Books.



Making History

Gollancz ISBN 0-575-07306-3, £4.99.

After the Quiet War is over, a historian discovers that victory is far from simple.

A novella published back-to-back with Stephen Baxter's Reality Dust as part of the Gollancz Binaries series.


Gollancz ISBN 13:: 978-0-57508-110-9 £7.99.

A near future thriller in which Alex Sharkey, a drug designer, becomes involved with a brilliant but dangerous little girl, Milena, and unwittingly helps initiate the process which changes dolls, blue-skinned gengineered creatures designed for work, amusement or destruction, into self-aware fairies. London, Paris, Tirana.



Pasquale's Angel

Gollancz ISBN 978-0575086593 £7.99

An alternate history set in 16th Century Florence transformed by the inventions of the Great Engineer Leonardo Da Vinci.


Red Dust

Gollancz ISBN 978-0575086609 £7.99

Mars has been partially terraformed by the Chinese, but now it is dying. With the help of Yankee Yak herders, a hardwired assassin and a little girl god, Wei Lee, dupe, womanizer and holy fool, stumbles on a plot that has been spinning for decades, and is catapulted on a journey that will take him to the summit of the biggest volcano in the Solar System and a battle in virtual reality for the future of Mars and humanity. Sex and drugs and rock'n'roll . . . and Mars.

Eternal Light

Gollancz ISBN 978-0575086401 £7.99

One of the earliest manifestations of the New Space Opera, cutting a swathe from Titan to the centre of the galaxy, and back again.



Four Hundred Billion Stars

Gollancz ISBN-13 978-0575090033 £7.99

Dorthy Yoshida, astronomer, empath, is sent on a mission to help unriddle the mysteries of a planoformed world orbiting a red dwarf star. Aliens, weird biology, and violent ancient history that threatens humanity's first steps on the interstellar stage.