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¤ Jack Womack and I interview each other about Going Going Gone and The Secret of Life Originally published on the HarperCollins web site.


¤ An article about Mars in Science Fiction, first published in The Guardian.

¤ An essay about the Future, first published in the SFWA Bulletin.

¤ An article about the portrayal of scientists in fiction, first published in The Guardian.

¤ How I came to write the Confluence trilogy.

¤ An article about film noir and The Third Man.

¤ A short biographical essay.

¤ Two lists.


¤ House of Leaves, by Mark Z. Danielski

¤ Transmetropolitan, by Warren Ellis

¤ The Big Nowhere, by James Ellroy

¤ Hannibal, by Thomas Harris

¤ Travel Arrangements, by M. John Harrison

¤ King of the City, by Michael Moorcock

¤ Automated Alice, by Jeff Noon

¤ Sannikov Land, by Vladimir Obruchev

¤ Declare, by Tim Powers

¤ The Extremes, by Christopher Priest

¤ The Pan Galactic Circus, by 'Kilgore Trout'